Peer Reviewed Publications

Kubota S, Kameyama Y, Ohara M (2006) A reconsideration of relationships among Japanese Trillium species based on karyology and AFLP data. Plant Systematics and Evolution 261:129-137. [PDF]

Kubota S, Kameyama Y, Ohara M (2006) Characterization of six microsatellite markers in Trillium camschatcense using a dual-suppression-polymerase chain reaction technique. Molecular Ecology Notes 6:1135-1137. [PDF]

Kubota S, Kameyama Y, Hirao AS, Ohara M (2008) Adaptive significance of self-fertilization in a hermaphroditic perennial, Trillium camschatcense (Melanthiaceae). American Journal of Botany 95:482-489. [PDF]

Kato Y, Araki K, Kubota S, Ohara M (2008) Development of microsatellite markers in a large perennial herb, Veratrum album ssp. oxysepalum. Molecular Ecology Resources 8:996-997. [PDF]

Kubota S, Ohara M (2009) The evolution of self-compatible and self-incompatible populations in a hermaphroditic perennial, Trillium camschatcense (Melanthiaceae). Journal of Plant Research 122:497-507. [PDF]

Kubota S, Ohara M (2009) Discovery of male sterile plants and their contrasting occurrence between self-compatible and self-incompatible populations of the hermaphroditic perennial Trillium camschatcense. Plant Species Biology 24:169-178. [PDF]

Ishizaki S, Kubota S, Shiojiri K, Karban R, Ohara M (2010) Development of eight microsatellite markers in big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata Nutt.). Molecular Ecology Resources 10:232-236. [PDF]

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Ito T, Konno I, Kubota S, Ochiai T, Sonoda T, Hayashi Y, Fukuda Y, Yokoyama J, Nakayama H, Kameya T, Kanno A (2011) Production and characterization of interspecific hybrids between Asparagus kiusianus Makino and A. officinalis L. Euphytica 182:285-294. [PDF]

Kubota S, Konno I, Kanno A (2012) Molecular phylogeny of the genus Asparagus (Asparagaceae) explains interspecific crossability between the garden asparagus (A. officinalis) and other Asparagus species. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124:345-354. [PDF]

Presentations in International Conference

KUBOTA Shosei, OHARA Masashi (2008) The evolution of self-incompatible and self-compatible populations in a hermaphroditic perennial, Trillium camschatcense: Which is the derivative? Botany 2008: Botanical Society of America (Vancouver BC, Canada)

KUBOTA Shosei, KANNO Akira (2012) Analysis of floral homeotic genes in Trilliaceae species indicate an alternative genetic mechanism for the petal-sepal differentiation in monocots. 10th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology (Jeju, Korea)

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